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About Bridal Faire

The Bridal Faire Beginnings

In 1985 the first bridal wedding show began. We realized how hard it was for the engaged couple to plan their wedding. It is essential to know what businesses to go to for each of the wedding needs. Once you have that list then it is easier to shop and compare to determine who you want to do your wedding.

In 1985 there were no wedding shows. The name Bridal Faire became the name of our show. The early years we went by the name Bridal Fair. We wanted it to be like a fair where all the wedding businesses came together for the public to attend. One of the businesses in 1985, which incidently put on the first fashion show was called "Lady Faire" which was operated by Linda Stokes.

We have published a wedding Directory from the first year.

We have since registered the name Bridal Faire and Bridal Fair, created the website in 1995, and formed an association of wedding professionals with a common goal to serve the engaged couple with the most professional approach as possible. The association or "organization" meets together to discuss ways to improve our services to the wedding party. We would cherish your feedback whether positive or negative.