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Typical Wedding Cost
Very few couples have a limitless budget for their wedding. You will need to set priorities on what is most important to you. Would you like a large framed bridal portrait to portray for generations? A large formal reception? Perhaps it is an extravagant honeymoon. It may be you want to have a great photo selection and a fantastic video to remember that special day. But it is your choice. Each wedding is unique to the couple.
Your budget may look like this:
Invitation and gifts 10%
Ceremony and reception 40%
Wedding Attire 20%
Photography and Video 20%
Misc. 10%
You may increase and decrease any area you want to complete your budget.
Because every wedding is different, it is difficult to give an average wedding cost. Each area is different. You can get estimates from for different cities. On average, US couples spend $26,542 for their wedding. However, the majority of couples spend between $19,907 and $33,178.

We surveyed local vendors for their prices ranges and this is what we found.

Typical Wedding Cost Range In Logan, Utah
Wedding Dress $500 to $900
Wedding Dress Accessories $100 to $200
(Veils, Shoes, Jewelry)
Tuxedos and Men's Formal Wear $250 to $500
Engagement Ring $1000 to $2500
(Includes Wedding Band)
Men's Band $100 to $600
Ceremony Site Rental $300 to $600
Wedding Banquet $480 to $1000
Wedding Flowers $300 to $1000
Music and/or Sound System $400 to $1200
Photography $500 to $4000
Videography $500 to $2000
Decorations $450 to $800
Reception Center $500 to $1500
Refreshments $500 to $1600
Wedding Cake $250 to $800
Wedding Stationary $500 to $1000
(Invitations, Reply Cards, Thank You Cards, Napkins, Etc.)
Transportation $350 to $500
Honeymoon $300 to $3000
Marriage License $50
The average Cache Valley Wedding is around $10,000